SwallowSTRONG: New Easy-to-Use Device

Swallow Solutions LLC recently introduced the new SwallowSTRONG® device (formerly MOST®), which features an easy-to-use tablet connected to a custom mouthpiece. The new SwallowSTRONG® tablet has a patient-friendly touch screen interface and real-time monitoring to assess tongue strength and facilitate an individualized strengthening program.

 “SwallowSTRONG’s® I-PRO Therapy software tracks a patient’s progress on the attached tablet monitor. Clinicians can easily set new targets based on an individual patient’s strength and progress. Results are clear and easy to understand, with a thumbs up indicating a target has been met,” said Swallow Solutions’ CEO Robert Carlson, MD.

The new SwallowSTRONG® tablet interactively provides knowledge of performance, qualifies results during therapy and documents patient progress. The SwallowSTRONG® tablet is clinically tested and provides accurate pressures generated by the tongue and measurements of lingual muscles.

SwallowSTRONG® has a customized, adjustable mouthpiece that provides pressure readings from embedded sensors that indicate performance levels and calculate therapeutic strengthening targets. Dysphagic stroke patients who completed an eight-week regimen using target values for strengthening goals in a federally funded study improved swallowing function. In addition, healthy older adults demonstrated “younger” swallow pressures after performing the same protocol.

At the 2014 Dysphagia Research Society conference, Nicole Rogus-Pulia, PhD, presented data from a VA Clinic dedicated to MOST-facilitated lingual strengthening for dysphagic veterans. She reported a 79% decrease in hospital admissions/readmissions and an 88% decrease in pneumonia diagnoses.

The SwallowSTRONG® device is currently available for purchase. For further information or to purchase the product, please call (608) 238-6678 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..