Product Overview

Take dysphagia therapy to the next level with Swallow-Strong-Logo

SwallowSTRONG is designed to make rehab more efficient and effective for both the speech language pathologist and the patient. A custom-molded mouthpiece and easy-to-use software work together to implement the evidence-based isometric progressive resistance oropharyngeal therapy regimen—which improves lingual strength.

The SwallowSTRONG device is based on pioneering research at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health and the Madison VA Hospital by a team of leading clinicians and researchers in the field of swallowing and dysphagia. Their work has demonstrated that the active rehabilitation of swallowing musculature improves swallowing safety.

Swallow Solutions, LLC is registered and the device is listed with the FDA. The SwallowSTRONG device is allowed for sale as a Class 1 device in the United States.

 SwallowSTRONG Device

SwallowSTRONG Management System




"The interface is very user-friendly... the fact that the mouthpiece is custom-fitted in just minutes and does not easily dislodge during usage helps to ensure ease and accuracy of placement, so that objective results obtained are reliable."

- Kathy Groves Wright, PhD, CCC-SLP, BCS-S, Cincinnati, VA Medical Center