SwallowSTRONG Management System

SwallowSTRONG Management System (SSMS) is a cloud-based system that enables clinicians to:

  • Remotely view patients’ progress and reports.
  • Monitor adherence.
  • Remotely adjust therapy parameters.
  • Download therapy data for analysis and report writing.

SwallowSTRONG Device

  • No matter where the patient “travels” in the care path, the SwallowSTRONG data targets and results will be available to the clinician.
  • Transfer data from one facility to another facility.
  • Clinicians can view and adjust data from any web-enabled device.

Compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA):

No protected health information (PHI) is collected or stored on the SwallowSTRONG device or SSMS.

A code is assigned by the software and linked to the mouthpiece serial number.