Thickened Beverages with added protein

Swallow Solutions thickened beverages provide 12 g of protein per serving in a refreshing beverage that tastes great.

  • Intended as a primary source of hydration – not a once-a-day supplement
  • Made with whey protein for optimal nutritional benefit (PDCAAS score 1.0)
  • Not mouth-coating like many milky or shake-like beverages
  • No artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners

A variety of thicknesses to meet the diverse needs of today’s seniors.

  • Available in NECTAR (IDDSI 2) and HONEY (IDDSI 3) consistencies for individuals with dysphagia
  • Thinner SMOOTH and REFRESHING (IDDSI 1) beverages allow healthy seniors to benefit from additional protein intake


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Frozen Desserts with added protein

Swallow Solutions frozen desserts are a tasty way to get extra protein and are safe for individuals with dysphagia.

  • Refreshing sorbet flavors
  • Melt to nectar consistency
  • 250 calories and 9 g of protein per serving

Why Protein?

Protein is a key building block for healthy muscles, bones, and skin.

  • The USDA reports that 30%-41% of women and 22%-38% of men over age 50 consume less than the Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) of protein.
  • Experts suggest that the protein RDA for older adults should actually be 25%-50% higher to optimize physical function.
  • Insufficient protein increases risk of falls and skin breakdown.
  • Increased protein intake is associated with a 26% reduction in stroke.
  • Incorporating supplemental protein into a diet provides critical amino acid building blocks.

Not All Protein Supplements Are Equal

Some proteins are more difficult to metabolize than others.

  • Our products contain high-quality whey protein. This protein breaks down easily and quickly in the body, making it ideal for seniors.
  • A study published in the journal Nutrition Research found that older adults who took whey protein had greater muscle building compared with individuals who consumed other protein supplements.


Protein improves the effects of strength training

Protein Chart

Change in Muscle Strength after 12 weeks of Strength Training with and without Protein Supplementation (Seniors >65)

Ref: Zdzieblik, Denise, et al. "Collagen peptide supplementation in combination with resistance training improves body composition and increases muscle strength in elderly sarcopenic men: a randomised controlled trial." British Journal of Nutrition114.8 (2015): 1237-1245.